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An Overview of the Grand Master Martial Arts

Dr. John Chiu

Dr. John Chiu is an experienced endoscopic spine surgeon leading operations at both the California Spine Institute Medical Center ( and Thousand Oaks Spine & Sport, a modern rehabilitation facility. In addition to his professional activities, Dr. John Chiu is an avid practitioner of the martial arts. He has achieved grand master status in jujitsu, kung fu, and ninjitsu.

“Grand master” is a term used across various disciplines of the martial arts to describe an individual who has committed his life to the practice and instruction of both the physical and philosophical underpinnings of a specific martial arts form. In fact, the title of grand master is generally carried by an older individual, as a grand master is generally understood as someone who has produced multiple generations of students who themselves go on to become instructors.
Though a grand master should be treated with considerable respect and appreciated as someone with extensive experience in one or more schools, systems, or styles, there are no official standards that must be met to achieve the title. Following World War II, for example, many of the earliest taekwondo and karatedo facilities would attribute the master title to fifth-degree black belts with teaching experience, while only a ninth- or tenth-degree black belt at the head of an organization could be considered a grand master.
Today, a grand master can most often be interpreted as an exceedingly skilled practitioner of martial arts who has either led a martial arts organization or otherwise produced multiple students who have themselves gone on to teach others.Add paragraph text here.

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